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About our Academy

Our academy originated internally when we realised that traditional 12-week bootcamps weren’t effective. Challenging traditional norms, we started our own training programme for new recruits and existing staff – using innovative approaches. We took a more holistic method – including preparation for the commercial environment with ongoing support and mentorship.

The success of this showed a gap in the market: effective and inclusive training/upskilling that could help plug the digital skills gap. In 2023 we were selected to provide UK Central government and public sector organisations with training through our academy (DALAS framework).

What our Academy can do for your business

  • Facilitate the transition from outdated technologies that hinder efficiency, drive up maintenance   costs and expose vulnerabilities.
  • Empower employees with the knowledge and tools to enhance digital proficiency – so they can access more cost effective and innovative services.
  • Stay competitive and relevant by focusing on modern technologies and best practices. Our training programme can be designed to accommodate your schedule, ensuring zero downtime for your business.

Academy Programme

Our programmes are bespoke to each client, so we can provide training for whatever your business needs – such as:

  • Software Development – such as: Scala, Kong, NICE
  • Configurable Platforms – such as: Pega, Salesforce, MS Power Platform, SAP, Service Now
  • Cloud Services – such as: Microsoft Dynamics, Open Source


Why choose us?

  • Tailored Programmes – Training pathways are customised based on skills and tools aligned to your goals. 
  • Personalised – Academy cohorts exclusively dedicated to your organisation, allowing for role-specific training. 
  • Holistic Development – Beyond coding, our trainees acquire the essential soft  skills needed for a professional environment. 
  • Comprehensive Support – We support our trainees right through the programme and beyond – with mentorship programmes and access to our Academy user community even after they’ve been deployed. 
  • Adaptable – Our academy process can be completed online to overcome location barriers. 
  • Inclusive Initiatives – We offer graduate traineeships, aid military service leavers transitioning to the civilian sector, and support individuals from diverse backgrounds – to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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