About Mercator Digital

Mercator Digital is an award-winning digital consultancy. We design, build and deliver digital services for organizations across the globe. With offices in the UK, US, France and Singapore, the Mercator team comprises over 400 people.

For nearly two decades, we have been working together with our clients, from both private and public sector organizations. Our collaborative approach enables us to fully understand our clients’ unique goals and challenges, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions. Our work really makes a difference to our clients and has a huge impact on society – making digital services more innovative, effective and accessible.

Our methods and approach

We work collaboratively to understand your needs – developing honest, long-term relationships that allow active participation from everyone involved.


We can rapidly scale and flex multiple teams thanks to our strong network of associates. Our consultants are pre-vetted and undergo security checks, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

Rapid learning

Our research teams utilize workshops and design sprints – allowing us to learn quickly and foster a sense of shared ownership of the problem and solution spaces.

Evidence driven

We prioritize gathering existing evidence and insights before proceeding with primary research. This allows us to iterate, pivot, or validate our approaches while identifying any potential gaps in knowledge. This ensures our primary research is focused, informed, and aligned with the specific objectives of our projects.


We embed Government Digital Service (GDS) standards into every project – to ensure that research, testing and iteration activities align with user-centered design principles. This allows us to prioritize the needs and experiences of users throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. 

Best practices

Our Discipline Leads manage communities of practice, with a focus on upholding and optimization best practices. 


If we work alongside other vendors to create digital services, we use a highly collaborative approach to our projects with a ‘one team, one mindset, one goal’ mentality. We prioritize open communication and teamwork – for a unified effort in achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.


We test our solutions with real people from diverse backgrounds and also those with exceptional needs – in order to maximize user reach.


We apply best practice to create user-centered digital services, using documented content and design patterns.


By understanding your key goals and objectives, we can position our product roadmaps in line with your business and technical strategies.


We build robust and sustainable products and services – aligned with Government’s Technology Code of Practice.

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