Software Development

We’re not just your typical Software Developers, we’re digital architects – and our goal is simple: to create exceptional software solutions that go beyond expectations. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient software – that’s why we focus on precision, attention to detail, and a strong commitment to quality in every project. Beyond the tech talk, we take pride in building relationships. With Mercator, you’re not just getting a service, you’re investing in a partnership.

Our Approach

  • Our development teams use the latest Agile and DevOps methods to seamlessly integrate systems through CI/CD pipelines, microservices, and an API-first approach – ensuring maximum compatibility with other systems. 
  • We create digital twins – a virtual representation of a product or process; to analyse, simulate and gain insights before deployment to live environments.
  • Techniques like test-driven development (TDD) are used to establish acceptance criteria before coding starts. This approach enables our Developers to focus on precise requirements and accelerates the development process.
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