User-centred Design

At Mercator, we believe User-centred Design (UCD) isn’t just about good looks; it’s about deeply understanding our audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors. Why? Because creating intuitive, engaging, and efficient user experiences is critical for the success of any digital product or platform. We focus on the user experience to ensure our designs are engaging, practical – and always tailored to meet users’ needs.

Our Approach

  • Our UCD process is collaborative and iterative. 
  • Beginning with in-depth user research, we test hypotheses and prototypes with real users to understand their motivations, pain points and needs. 
  • We craft user personas, epics and user stories, mapping them across the entire end-to-end journey.
  • Usability testing ensures that the final product is highly usable, accessible and resonates with its intended audience.

The business case for UCD

  • Improved User Satisfaction: By catering to users’ actual needs, we foster positive interactions, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased Engagement: Intuitive designs mean users spend more time on your platform, boosting engagement and interaction rates
  • Enhanced Accessibility: UCD ensures inclusivity, making platforms accessible to users of all abilities and backgrounds
  • Reduced Development Costs: Identifying and addressing issues during the design phase can reduce costly iterations and rework later on

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