Revolutionising Cyber Security: Safeguarding sensitive data for a leading global insurance company

Leading the charge in reshaping cyber security for a major global insurance company, Mercator Digital spearheaded a comprehensive three-year transformation with a primary focus on Privileged Access Management (PAM). Selected for our expertise, Mercator Digital recommended and implemented cutting-edge cybersecurity software, addressing critical concerns related to Domain Admin accounts. The multi-national, multi-functional team successfully migrated over 70,000 privileged accounts in the initial year, and ongoing efforts, including the establishment and training of a Business as Usual (BAU) team, resulted in heightened data protection, strengthened cyber security, reduced risks, and improved compliance. Beyond securing sensitive data, this Cyber Security initiative sets a new benchmark for industry compliance and effective risk management practices.

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Transforming Government department’s Debt Management: with seamless integration, rapid deployment, and zero issues.

Mercator Digital revolutionised a government department’s debt management system through its Time To Pay (TTP) initiative – ensuring smooth integration, quick deployment, and zero issues. Faced with outdated systems, the client’s debt management underwent a complete overhaul, moving to discrete, service-oriented, and cloud-hosted modules. This led to improved revenue, efficient processes with low code/no code services, and better customer service through real-time data. With a dedicated team, innovative testing, pragmatic scope management, and streamlined workflows, Mercator Digital exceeded expectations. The TTP programme simplified processes, eliminated manual tasks, and offered a more flexible service to the public, showcasing a model for future innovation in public sector initiatives.

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Transforming Income Tax Self Assessment Submissions: Empowering 12 million users with an intuitive interface for exceptional customer satisfaction

Mercator Digital led a transformative initiative for a large government department, overhauling its Income Tax Self Assessment Submissions (ITSAS) to boost accessibility, user-friendliness, and efficiency. The client aimed to simplify online submissions, enhance real-time data accuracy, ease staff burdens, and improve public understanding of tax rules. We took an evidence-based and user-centric design approach, which resulted in a significantly improved customer experience – featuring streamlined online forms, reduced completion times, and better comprehension of tax requirements. This initiative not only modernised a 20-year-old process but also established a new standard for user-friendly, efficient solutions, showcasing the power of innovation in transforming long-standing operations.

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Unleashing the power of robotics: Government department’s Automation Delivery Centre upgrade realises 50% efficiency gains and zero downtime

When a large government department wanted to upgrade its Automation Delivery Centre for better efficiency, Mercator Digital stepped in. Harnessing robotics, we achieved a significant 50% boost in efficiency and zero downtime for the client. The project simplified processes, fixed issues, and smoothly transitioned to a new web browser. In collaboration with nine organisations, Mercator Digital swiftly mobilised a security-cleared team in two months. The structured approach led to efficiency gains and innovation, surpassing expectations with a 90% success rate, seamless deployment, and comprehensive documentation. This isn’t just about an upgrade; it’s a success story in streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

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